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About The Condom Cash Affiliate Program
Condom Cash truly does offer our affiliate webmasters one of the industries best methods to make more money from your traffic, here's how:
1) Paying You Up To $44 Per Sale.
Whether you decide to promote a single site or all of them, one thing you can be assured of is that no matter what, you will always make up to $44 for each surfer that buys a membership to one of our sites. 

2) High Converting Sites.

Before we launch a new site for our affiliates to promote we vigorously test all aspects of the site for at least 3 months. This ensures that when the site goes live for our webmasters, not only does the design look and feel right for the niche but also, the conversions for each of the sites we operate are higher than average in the industry.
3) Free Content For Affiliates.
Whilst other programs offer you the basics in free content, we go all the way. From image and movie content that is already resized, to hosted galleries and even un-obtrusive watermarks. You can guarantee that the free content we offer you is not only high quality but, is also specific to each of our pay sites. What good is free content that you cant use on a regular basis? With each new site we launch you are guaranteed at least 1 set of images or movie clips to use.
4) Exclusive Promo Tools.
Whether you need buttons, banners, text links or hosted TGP's one thing you can be certain of is that Condom Cash will work with our affiliates to provide them all the tools they need to ensure that the marketing of your affiliate pay sites pays off. if you need a specific type of promo tools, ask us and we will try our very best to get it for you.
5) Multiple Pay Site Tours.
As webmasters ourselves, we know that not everyone's traffic is suited to a single pay site tour. With this in mind we will always offer our affiliates multiple tours for each and every one of our high converting sites.
6) Multiple Linking Options.
We know that many webmasters do not like sending their traffic to a pay sites tour page therefore, we allow our affiliates to choose where they want to send their traffic. From direct join page linking to console free tours, we know you want choices and we gladly offer them to you.
7) Webmaster Referral Program.
In addition to promoting the Condom Cash family of sites we also allow our affiliates to promote the Condom Cash program itself. Through continual support of our webmasters and rewarding our webmasters, no matter how much traffic they send us, we are certain that you will want to tell your friends and colleagues about our program so, why not pay you for it? If you make us money we want to make you more money.
8) Quality Support.
Even with all of the ways mentioned above to help you make more money, the one thing that we are positive you will not find elsewhere is the unrivalled support we offer our affiliates. If you have a problem we want to help you solve it, no matter how big, no matter how small our support representatives are here to help you.